Mitteilung von Hamburg Blue Devils vom 10.01.2003

Blue Devils announce USA Office Location

The Hamburg Blue Devils have established an office in the USA in Sherman Oaks, CA. This office will be the headquarters for the Blue Devils development program and Head Coach John Rosenberg in the off-season months.

The HBD in USA office will handle all correspondence and communication regarding player recruitment of American players, and will work in conjunction with the Blue Devils office in Hamburg for the recruitment of German players. Also, the planning of offensive and defensive strategies and development of the coaching staff will be supervised from the USA office. The strength and conditioning program of the Blue Devils players in Hamburg will continue to be handled by Horst Meinhardt, with the help of the assistant coaches.

The first priority for Head Coach John Rosenberg will be the hiring of an Offensive Coordinator. He will be communicating and interviewing potential candidates from the USA office. In the 2003 season, Coach Rosenberg plans to oversee the Blue Devils defense himself.

The second task will be the identification and recruitment of a Quarterback for 2003. Also, Coach Rosenberg will be looking for two American defensive players for the new season. The recruitment process will involve watching dozens of video tapes of prospective players to evaluate their on field abilities, as well as extensive telephone calling and emails with coaches to determine off the field character and sportsmanship.

The USA office is located at 4820 Lennox Ave., Ste.200, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
The telephone numbers are 818-789-9789 and 310-779-1913. Fax 818-789-9781
The email address is: