Mitteilung von GFLPressemeldungen vom 27.03.2018

GFL clubs set course for 40th season

On Sunday before Easter representatives of the clubs of the German Football League (GFL) met in Frankfurt/Main for their regular meeting of all first division teams a month before the start of the season. In addition to the usual task of coordination of final details for the season, developments on the international level were also pushed to the agenda and were thoroughly discussed by the club representatives.

The representatives of GFL unanimously stated that a strong German national team is in the common interest of all clubs in Germany. Therefore, they extend their support to players and coaches of the German national team for future action in this field.

However, not a single GFL club was in favor of applying any significant changes to the GFL schedule 2018 on such short notice before the season's start, such changes are no longer possible. "Re-scheduling a matchday at this time would provide clubs with insoluble tasks, and it could have serious effects on the entire season schedule, including German Bowl," league spokesman Carsten Dalkowski said. "Sending the German national team to international tournaments in 2018 would only have been possible without any collission with the GFL schedule, which has been set months ago."

The GFL representatives therefore unanimously decided not to schedule national team action for 2018.

Other topics of the meeting were livestreaming and media-related strategies, especially in the light of the new cooperation of GFL with Sport1. In addition to the live broadcast of German Bowl XL other television and livestreaming formats shall be made possible. In further talks possible alterations to player transfer rules and effects of the German laws on data privacy were discussed.

GFL season will beginn on April 21 with the GFL Season Opener Cologne Crocodiles vs. Kiel Baltic Hurricanes (Kickoff 6 pm at the Flughafenstadion Cologne-Höhenberg). In the 2018 season teams compete for a trip to the 40th edition of the German Bowl, which will be played on October 13 in Berlin.