Mitteilung von AFVD vom 01.05.2003

Anleitung zur Durchführung Internationaler Player Transfers

Übernommen aus den amtlichen Mitteilungen der EFAF. Für den Inhalt trägt der AFVD keine Verantwortung.

Die Regulations und die Internationale Transfer Karte (ITC) sind auf in der Download-Sektion enthalten.

Die Richtlinie tritt zum 01. Mai 2003 in Kraft.

Amtliche Mitteilungen EFAF:

Registration Procedure
EFAF International Transfer Cards

Organisations affiliated to the European Federation of American Football (EFAF regulate the transfer of players by way of International Transfer Cards (ITC).
Players may not play in affiliated organisations until such time as all of the processes relating to ITC are carried out in their entirety. This Practice and Procedure endorses the EFAF Transfer Regulations and provides guidance on how player may be cleared by the EFAF and the federation the player previously held lisence to.

International Transfer Cards - procedure
1. Each Club of a EFAF member federation has been circulated with the details of the EFAF International Transfers Regulations. All those persons in Clubs having any dealings with players, including Coaches and Administrators must aquaint themselves with the requirements of the regulations.
2. The purpose of the regulations is to ensure that "inter alia" transfers across international boundaries are conducted in an orderly manner and to protect clubs and players alike.
3. Whenever a Player wishes to transfer of a Club signs a player, they shall also determine the status of the player relating to an ITC and whether or not he requires one to play
4. If an ITC is required they shall then consider whether it shall be for limited time (for example: expiring on the following 30 June) or unlimited (forever). For players on multiple season contracts, Clubs may consider that an unlimited version is more appropriate. It should be noted that some member associations have their own regulations regarding limited and unlimited ITC's.
5. The player must then contact the National federation who will provide a blank ITC for completion. Note that this is NOT an authority to play a player, it only the start of the process.
6. The Player shall then complete the ITC and ask for his Club that currently holds the player's registration and the clubs National Federation to complete it. The club is obligated to fill out the ITC card with in seven (7) days of receiving the request. The same time period is reserved for the Federation.
a. In cases where the player does not receive the ITC from his current club, the Player is adviced to contact the Federation of that club. The federation has the option of granting the club approval in case where it determines it to be accordance of Federation regulations.
b. In cases where the player does not receive the ITC from his current federation the player is adviced to contact the EFAF to get his transfer matter taken into consideration under EFAF regulations.
7. Upon receipt, the Player will then send/take it to the new club and new member federation to get his transfer completed and license. In cases falling under paragraph 6 content a) or b) the federation is adviced to contact previous Federation to verify the transfer procedure prior to granting a license for the Player transferring.
8. By agreement the Federation will without delay, then forward a copy to EFAF by fax.
9. Normally, only after receipt of this fax will National Federation consider registering a relevant player.
10. The onus of responsibility always lies with the Club trying to register a player.

International Transfer Cards - Fees
11. EFAF will charge a 20€ registration fee per player transfer. In addition, by arrangement, the costs incurred by the National federation will also be paid by the relevant club. These fees are of an agreed amount and circulated prior to the commencement of each season.

International Transfer Cards Discretion
12. Paragraph 10 above confirms the normal circumstances when National Federation will register a relevant player.

End of International Transfer Cards Procedure