Mitteilung von vom 14.09.2001

O-Ton amerikanischer GFL-Spieler

Statements der amerikanischen Trainer und Spieler der Rüsselsheim Razorbacks

Though none of us were directly affected by the terrorist attacks on America, all of us are affected. All people, not just Americans, who believe in freedom and free movement of people are affected. It is a horrible act and I feel a strong sense of sorrow for all the victims
We must play the games so as not to give way to our fears. Cancelling these playoffs games would allow those who were responsible for these acts to continue to affect our freedom. We should also give the people a chance to focus on something that is no so real and not so important as they have been faced with the last few days. " (Mike Wyatt, Razorbacks Head Coach)

"We are sympathetic with all the poeple of America and the victims and their familes. Playing in Braunschweig will give us a chance to focus on the things that are fun and good about our society. We haven´t been able to think about these things very much in the past few days" (Justin Peery, Quarterback)

"Playing the games will give the players and the fans a chance to step away from the horrible acts that we have witnessed in the last few days. It will give us a chance to spend a few hours competing in sport and take our minds off the sad days that are behind, as well as those that lie ahead" (Scott Pingel, Wide Receiver)

"Not playing the playoff games would just be another small victory for those who wish to alter our freedom". (Fernando Gant, Defensive Lineman)

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